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Beginner Forex traders focus so much on winning that they don't realise they are losing more on missed trading opportunities.

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“I’m a beginner trader, but I really want to learn more advance techniques.  I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos and nothing seemed to help.  Really excited to work on the techniques in the courses!.”

NFXT Mentorship Program Book And PC Cover

Forex Trading Made Easy Course

Learn that Forex trading doesn't have to be hard, with the Forex trading made easy course material, and build a reliable income stream.

NFXT Advanced Supply And Demand Trading Course

Advanced Supply & Demand Course

Discover the steps to become a profitable Forex trader, with learning the techniques taught within this supply and demand trading course.

Part time trading with the fractal level trading course

Fractal Level Trading Course

Learn to trade part time and how to easily find profitable winning trades in seconds. With using fractals and candlestick patterns.

NFXT Beginners Trend Trading Course

Trend Trading Course

Within this Free course learn how to trade with trends in the markets and how to find these trends to trade.

NFXT Dynamic Support & Resistance Course

Dynamic S&R Course

Within this Free course learn the hidden dynamic support and resistance areas on your charts to find trades.

NFXT Third Trend Line Test Course

Trend Line Test Course

In this Free course learn how I use trend lines to always find trades in the market, with the third test.