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What Others Who Took These Trading Courses

Are Saying:

 by Marffy on Premium Level Material
NFXT Advanced Supply And Demand Course

I have been trading Forex for 4-5 years now on and off and during those years, I am guilty of system hopping, bought signals, robots, scammed by forex “gurus” via whatsapp, scammed by brokers and all the other newbie stuff you can think of, I probably tried it.

Last 2020, I was in pursuit of the holy grail again in YT then I came across Jonathan’s channel. He seemed like an honest, down to earth guy who knew what he was talking about when it comes to Forex. I downloaded all of his YT videos to watch everyday and his Basic Supply & Demand caught my attention. I enrolled in his free course, read his blogs and I finally said to myself that this will be my last system then if this too did not work for me, I would quit Forex and find some other things that I might excel at.

My reason for getting the Supply and Demand course was because I was able to understand it. In a sense, I was able to explain to myself the reason for the price to move the way it is moving. Unlike systems saturated with indicators, supply and demand is very clean and very relaxing to look at and all you need to master is how to draw lines and rectangles. And the reason why I got Jonathan’s Supply and Demand Course specifically is because he made the course about Supply and Demand very simple to understand. (Just head on over to YT you will be able to understand what I am trying to say. He has a lot of gold at the same time free content in his channel) Another super plus for me is that Jonathan responds to my queries in a very timely manner (regardless if you are his student or not) and if still you weren’t able to get the topic in question, he will make a content / samples that will be easier for you to understand.

I have been trading his set and forget strategy from March – April 2021 using the daily timeframe and using his weekly free market analysis as confirmation to my supply and demand zones and so far I got 3 out of 4 trades even though I haven’t mastered the entire course yet (The good news about the course materials is that they are all short and easy to understand) which is ideal for a part time forex trades / father of a toddler / house helper / in short, for someone who doesn’t have the time to spend hours in front of the computer to watch all those long videos.

So I urge you to try it out! It doesn’t have to be supply and demand, what is great about Norfolk FX Trader is that there are a variety of courses available to cater to different traders.

Tip – Make it a habit to visit his YT channel daily or his website. Jonathan always gives out HUGE discounts but on a limited time only.

 by Christabel on Premium Level Material
Trading Strategy Made Easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Honestly, I really found the training courses *Forex made easy and the Fractal course* really easy to understand and implement in my trading. My confidence to take trades has improved and so is my profits. The videos are short, not long and overwhelming, also, Jonathan responds to email and further explain things you don't understand. So yes I will definitely recommend the course to anyone.

Thank you Christabel for your honest review

 by Siyabonga Ml***so on Premium Level Material

Hello everyone I am sure you see i have hidden my name to avoid getting Dms from people interested to join this course. If your are still doubting Jonathan aka Norfolk then you're left behind because this course is the art of trading. This course will open your eyes to what is really happening in the market. The name say it all it's trading made easy. If you want to trade with the big banks, if you want a proven working supply and demand strategy, If you want a mentor that teach very well and respond to your question fast. If you want a trading mindset and best money management then this course is for you. I will forever be part of this community because of the value provided by Jonathan. What i like about his strategies they easy to make your own out of what you will be taught because you will understand the order flow of the market. See you on the discord group (smile)

 by Robin on Premium Level Material
Advanced Supply and Demand Trading Course

Hello Jonathan,
This course is extraordinarily amazing,it is pure Gold,and offered at a very cheap price compared to the value it creates, i highly recommend this course for anyone out there who s struggling with his trading and wishes to become consistently profitable,i came across this course on youtube i was like woow this is what i have been looking for, i signed up for free mini course after completion,it was No brainer,,i made up my mind to register for premium course,you will be amazed at how you control your emotions using very unique risk management techniques and last candle breakout strategy when looking for entry on lower timeframe works like a charm and offers high risk to reward trades,Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion,You are such a great Professional,mentor,Teacher and a person,Live long brother,much love and respect.

Hi Robin, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences with the advanced course, much appreciated.

 by SiyabongaFx Lover on Premium Level Material
Best Supply n Demand by Advanced Mentor

I came across supply and demand trading on instagram after seeing traders results, I had to do my research, do google and YouTube.

When I approached those instagram supply demand traders they were very expensive so decided to learn on YouTube. As I was searching YouTube came across Norfolk Fx trader YouTube channel. I was blown away about what Jonathan already sharing for free. That time I didn't afford his course either but thanks to corona virus Norfolk fx trading courses reduced.

After joining Norfolk fx trader mentorship I received easy and simple and straight to the point strategy. He knows how to explain his methodology very well. Jonathan works very hard to make all his members profitable. Whenever I have a question Jonathan is quick to respond.
This course have the best money management I ever saw.

I highly recommend this mentorship to everyone serious about supply and demand because it's very profitable. I am a testimony as I've grown my account to almost 3 times initial deposit first 3 weeks.
If you serious about taking your trading to next level don't waste time.

Thanks so much for your kind words, and congrats on your achievements since joining the course.

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