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Our Story

Want to Be a Profitable Forex Trader?

You’ve come to the right place. Norfolk FX Trader is the place for the next-level Forex training and trading strategies.

If you’ve been struggling and are frustrated with your trading, you will find actionable trading courses and strategies that are going to help turn your trading around!

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Our Values

What Norfolk FX Trader Is All About

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find actionable Forex advice that gets results?”, you’re in the right place. Norfolk FX Trader is where professional and retail traders turn for proven trading advice.

Weather you are looking to trade with supply and demand or just price action trading. Our effective Forex trading advice is why traders across the globe take our trading courses.

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Our Education

How Norfolk FX Trader Helps You Get Trading Results and More Profitable Trades

Most so-called “Forex experts” say: “To succeed with Forex trading, all you need to do is use this profitable indicator.”

If only it were that easy…

We learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to Forex trading than “Forex indicators.”

And that’s when Jonathan decided to create Norfolk FX Trader websites.

This site is where Jonathan shows you the exact strategies and techniques you need to get profitable results. No fluff or “high-level” advice. Just insanely actionable courses that work.

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Some of the goals I expect you to achieve with Norfolk FX Trader