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Forex Trading Made Easy Course

Less Time Struggling And More Time Forex Trading Made Easy

Forex Trading Made Easy Course: a proven way to create a simplistic approach to Forex trading.

Finally, a simplistic way to learn to trade the markets with the Forex trading made easy course, that shows you exactly how to trade Forex, step-by-step

  • Even if… you’ve struggled to understand how to read the markets
  • Even if… you’re new to Forex trading
  • Even if you’re overwhelmed with no idea where to start
  • Even if… you’ve thought to yourself Forex trading is not easy
Meet Your Instructor 


Hi, I’m Jonathan Jarvis

You may know me from my YouTube channel where I share “my Forex trading made easy tips and tricks.”

YouTube tips and tricks

More than likely you first heard of me from my blog, Norfolkfxtrader, one of the most popular trading blogs to learn everything price action and supply and demand trading! Where you get top Forex education to help develop your trading skills.

norfolk fx trader blog

As you’ll see in a minute, I recently developed a simplistic trading course called Forex trading made easy that actually gets results.

But you might be surprised to hear that, before I figured out the secret to making Forex trading made easy and generating profitable winning trades, I struggled with trading the Forex markets.

My First Assault Into Forex Trading Was A Disaster

I took my first trade in Forex almost 10 years ago.

And like most people, I knew that Forex trading was going to be HUGE for me and my family financially.

So I read everything I could on trading the Forex markets from, forums, blog posts and eBooks.

You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about:

  • I used all kinds of different indicators from MACD to EMA’s.
  • I only traded the chart patterns, like the double top and bottom.
  • I used trend lines and Fibonacci as everyone else did.
  • I was trading the lower time frames from the 1 minute to the 15 minute charts.
  • I watched the charts all day long.


But you guessed it, nothing worked.

I quickly realised that the “just copy what every other retail trader was doing and the trades will come” approach perhaps worked GREAT for the professional traders and gurus.

But what about someone like me, who was a one-man show and brand new to Forex trading? How could I crack this industry and see the same results I was seeing that everyone else was having?

That’s when I decided to hop off the “just copy everyone else and wait for the trades to come” train. Instead, I’d hunker down and test, what actually worked and didn’t work!

Then- BAM!-I Had That Breakthrough Moment

After months of trial and error, I FINALLY found something that actually worked with Forex trading.

It was one of those “light bulb” moments you can’t sleep at night with thinking about it.

I realised that:

Most people believe the secret to Forex trading success, is to just copy any “trading strategy” that other trading gurus are sharing. Instead, I’ve discovered that there are certain strategies that actually get results.

And most important of all, you need to strategically learn to follow in the footprints of the banks and institutions.

I turned this “light bulb moment” into a strategy that proved to me the only way to really find success in Forex and the financial freedom I was looking for. Was to follow along with the big boys and make it as simple “easy” as possible.

light bulb idea

Here’s What Happened Next:

A few months later, I had created a strategy that was so easy to use I knew I’d finally had a chance at cracking this code.

When I started trading with this strategy, I knew that I was entering one of the most brutally challenging businesses on the planet (Forex trading)

(Think about it: I’m literally going toe-to-toe with the professionals and experts on everything Forex.)

And I knew that if my strategy could work in the cutthroat trading industry, it could be what I had dreamt of all those years ago.

Spoiler alert: it worked PERFECTLY.

And thanks to the proven strategy I developed, I quickly found winning profitable trades that I once never would see before.



That’s When I Asked Myself: “Could This Strategy Work For Other People Too?”

I wanted to see if my simplistic Forex trading strategy could help other people too.

So I turned my new approach into a step-by-step simplistic training course. And called it “NFXT Forex Trading Made Easy Course”.

(Not the most creative name I know. But it gives you a clear indication what it’s all about!)

Since then I’ve released the course to traders around the globe, beginners to advanced traders who wanted to learn to trade with a more simplistic approach and follow in the footprints of the BANKS.

byChristabel onPremium Level Material
Trading Strategy Made Easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Honestly, I really found the training courses *Forex made easy and the Fractal course* really easy to understand and implement in my trading. My confidence to take trades has improved and so is my profits. The videos are short, not long and overwhelming, also, Jonathan responds to email and further explain things you don't understand. So yes I will definitely recommend the course to anyone.

Thank you Christabel for your honest review

bySiyabonga Ml***so onPremium Level Material

Hello everyone I am sure you see i have hidden my name to avoid getting Dms from people interested to join this course. If your are still doubting Jonathan aka Norfolk then you're left behind because this course is the art of trading. This course will open your eyes to what is really happening in the market. The name say it all it's trading made easy. If you want to trade with the big banks, if you want a proven working supply and demand strategy, If you want a mentor that teach very well and respond to your question fast. If you want a trading mindset and best money management then this course is for you. I will forever be part of this community because of the value provided by Jonathan. What i like about his strategies they easy to make your own out of what you will be taught because you will understand the order flow of the market. See you on the discord group (smile)

Advanced Supply and Demand Trading Course

Hello Jonathan,
This course is extraordinarily amazing,it is pure Gold,and offered at a very cheap price compared to the value it creates, i highly recommend this course for anyone out there who s struggling with his trading and wishes to become consistently profitable,i came across this course on youtube i was like woow this is what i have been looking for, i signed up for free mini course after completion,it was No brainer,,i made up my mind to register for premium course,you will be amazed at how you control your emotions using very unique risk management techniques and last candle breakout strategy when looking for entry on lower timeframe works like a charm and offers high risk to reward trades,Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion,You are such a great Professional,mentor,Teacher and a person,Live long brother,much love and respect.

Hi Robin, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences with the advanced course, much appreciated.

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Introducing The Forex Trading Made Easy Course

Since the initial launch of the NFXT Forex Trading Made Easy Course, I’ve made dozens of updates to the course. And I plan to overhaul parts of the course from start-to-finish.

The course that shows you exactly how to read the markets using my simplistic approach step-by-step.

The best part? The strategies in the course are all working right now.

Here’s exactly what’s inside the NFXT Forex Trading Made Course.

  1. In-Depth How The Banks Trade Training- “No fluff. No theory. Just 100% actionable 4 hours of video material to help you master Forex trading in record time.”

  2. Always Up-To-Date- “You never have to worry about outdated stuff. My material is always current and up-to-date.”

  3. All About Results- “If you want a high-level approach and theory on Forex trading and how the banks trade, this isn’t for you. The Forex trading made easy course is engineered to deliver RESULTS.”

  4. Works On Any Pair and Industry- “My material has been tested by many students in different countries and backgrounds. And it works.”

A Peek Inside Of The Course

Start learning today with my Forex trading made easy course. After enrolling you will gain access to the Forex strategies, through an online course right away. You will join an expanding community of Forex traders and an effective learning environment.

Course Content

Total learning: 13 lessons Time: 323 minutes
  • Welcome Introduction
    • Lecture1.1
  • Course Modules
    • Lecture2.1
    • Lecture2.2
    • Lecture2.3
    • Lecture2.4
    • Lecture2.5
    • Lecture2.6
    • Lecture2.7
    • Lecture2.8
    • Lecture2.9
  • Bonus Modules
    • Lecture3.1
    • Lecture3.2
    • Lecture3.3

About the Instructor

Admin bar avatar Jonathan Jarvis

Hi, I'm Jonathan Jarvis You may know me from my YouTube channel where I am "recognized as a supply and demand expert." My goal is to help struggling traders to finally understand where they've been going wrong and how to finally see the rewards they've always wanted!

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