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by Robin on Premium Level Reviews
Advanced Supply and Demand Trading Course

Hello Jonathan,
This course is extraordinarily amazing,it is pure Gold,and offered at a very cheap price compared to the value it creates, i highly recommend this course for anyone out there who s struggling with his trading and wishes to become consistently profitable,i came across this course on youtube i was like woow this is what i have been looking for, i signed up for free mini course after completion,it was No brainer,,i made up my mind to register for premium course,you will be amazed at how you control your emotions using very unique risk management techniques and last candle breakout strategy when looking for entry on lower timeframe works like a charm and offers high risk to reward trades,Thank you so much for your generosity and compassion,You are such a great Professional,mentor,Teacher and a person,Live long brother,much love and respect.

Hi Robin, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences with the advanced course, much appreciated.

by SiyabongaFx Lover on Premium Level Reviews
Best Supply n Demand by Advanced Mentor

I came across supply and demand trading on instagram after seeing traders results, I had to do my research, do google and YouTube.

When I approached those instagram supply demand traders they were very expensive so decided to learn on YouTube. As I was searching YouTube came across Norfolk Fx trader YouTube channel. I was blown away about what Jonathan already sharing for free. That time I didn't afford his course either but thanks to corona virus Norfolk fx trading courses reduced.

After joining Norfolk fx trader mentorship I received easy and simple and straight to the point strategy. He knows how to explain his methodology very well. Jonathan works very hard to make all his members profitable. Whenever I have a question Jonathan is quick to respond.
This course have the best money management I ever saw.

I highly recommend this mentorship to everyone serious about supply and demand because it's very profitable. I am a testimony as I've grown my account to almost 3 times initial deposit first 3 weeks.
If you serious about taking your trading to next level don't waste time.

Thanks so much for your kind words, and congrats on your achievements since joining the course.

by J.P on Premium Level Reviews
Honest, Skilled Trader

Great Content by Honest knowledgeable trader. Simplified trading Methodologies.

Thanks JP for your review

by Bry M on Premium Level Reviews

I came across Jonathan on Youtube and began watching his free content. The knowledge you can gain from his channel is outstanding, and should give you a good idea of just how proficient he is in trading. While his free content is amazing, his course truly brings everything together and gives you a complete package to start understanding the markets. The amount of content which becomes available for a small fee, as well as one on one interactions, is a great deal if you're looking to advance as a trader. Thank you for all you've done Jonathan!

Thanks for your kind review Bry M

by L.A on Premium Level Reviews
Supply and Demand Taught Right!

I was trying to get a grip on supply and demand trading.
It seems so natural to look at the markets from that perspective.
After trying out several courses and lots of youtube time I encountered Norfolk FX Trader channel where things finally looked so clear and systematic.
I rolled into the advanced supply and demand course and am very happy with the materials (getting updated constantly) and the private facebook group where we interact with Jonathan and get further trading advice and setups review.

Thank you for your kind review on the advanced supply and demand course L.A

by Gialli on Premium Level Reviews
Jonathan will help you.

I met Jonathan about 5 years ago in a forex course.
He was among the best of the course being already a long time ago that he was trading, but his main characteristic has always been to want to help other traders with humility and dedication.
He is passionate about trading, he always studies new methods and his style has evolved to reach his own personality.
Through his help my trading has also evolved a lot, he is always ready to help me as soon as I contact him and this has greatly speeded up my learning curve.
I saw the birth and growth of this course to the aspect it has today and I am proud of it.
The course is structured to be suitable for everyone both novices and experts, everyone will benefit.
I strongly recommend it.

Thank you Gialli for your kind words and review of my courses and me as a person. It’s been my pleasure in getting to know you not only as a trader but as a person and friend.

by David Sotomayor on Premium Level Reviews
NFXT Superior Trading Course

The NFXT Superior Trading Course presents a complete swing trading strategy to trade the forex market covering market structure and trend, support and resistance, entry conditions and profit targets plus money management. Bonus information is added and access to a free trading room is given where trading ideas are presented. The instructor is always available to answer any trading related questions. I am happy to have purchased the course.

Thanks for your review

by Mem on Premium Level Reviews
I'm now consistently winning! Finally there and all thanks to Jonathan and his methods

After many years struggling to make money in Forex, reading and watching hundreds of hours of material on how to make it as a Forex trader and signing up to many paid sites and chat rooms I have finally found it! Learning the methods and style set out by Jonathan and his site has been a complete game changer for me. I am actually entering high probability trades and winning more than losing and the methods works amazing with my day job. I could recommend this site and Jonathan's help and support enough.

thanks for your kind words and pleased you found the course of help