Reply To: Supply An Demand Questions

Jonathan JarvisJonathan Jarvis

Hi Marffy, thanks for your questions.

So the first video you are referring to is the flow of price which is an new updated video to the course. And you should follow this method.

The 2nd video is the top down analysis video, in the first part of the video on the monthly zones marked, the monthly supply would be incorrect as it would been higher up from the drop. As the monthly time frame started to move sideways, so the section of the supply would not be correct. The weekly and daily zones would be correct though to the first video.

I am in the process of updating videos to the course, this will be a video I change to make sure there are no conflicting methods.

I hope this answers your questions, top down analysis should be performed in the same way just using the flow of price method marking the zones. But remember if you use the trend lines then that would show zones earlier on.
Those are two completely different ways of looking for zones.