Reply To: Introduce Yourself

SIAJM van Rongen


I’d like to introduce myself.
My name is Bas and I am an experienced loosing trader.
I learned it the hard way, years of loosing money. In all certainty. Became mad and frustrated and told myself never to trade again on the Forex/ Commodities.
I took my losses, turned the markets away for a while and worked hard on setting up a building business.
Couple of years ago I became interested in the markets again since I felt left out from the Crypto currency hype. After ups and downs, this time with a much smaller (study)wallet I decided I want to know and own the FOREX markets.
Trading is one of my passions but I could never make a living out of it. I can go to the casino’s for a same result. How can I become better?
It never leaves you. Luckily, nowadays we have our ‘holey bible; The YouTube-videos.’ After wandering, studying the markets for a year I made lots of progression. I saw lots lots of trading video’s and I encountered the NFX Trading videos, courses. Showing me a new perspective on trading in which I believe. Understanding the markets in the institutional ways. That’s what’s lacking me.
I already stopped believing in the average retail trading tactics. So I wasn’t that loco at all! Lots of confirmation.
This time the markets make more sense to me.
A complete and dynamic course. Summed up in a fantastic environment on the net and have Jonathan as a personal mentor.
I believe everything here is in place to learn the markets and become successful in trading.
I think that Norfolk trading is very generous in publishing the information for free. Good intention. This triggered me to the paid courses which will surely improve my knowledge and take me to a higher level.
Winning instead of loosing!
Hopefully we can get the plural forum a bit more dynamic in our community.
Lots of success!